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 Start the path to a healthier you 


   and to building strong,     thriving relationships ...

Upcoming Education & Support

Rebuild Trust & Connection


If you have both begun the journey to a healthier, more vibrant YOU after infidelity, addiction and betrayal, don’t wait another minute to start rebuilding your foundation TOGETHER!

So, there has been seemingly irreparable damage to your relationship. You and your spouse both desire to keep your marriage together, but you don’t know how to pick up the pieces and rebuild.  Your husband's acknowledged the pain he's caused; he's tried to make amends, and you’ve put safeguards in place but it doesn't seem to be enough.


You both need time-tested know-how and guidance to maneuver through these uncharted territories.   That’s where we want to join you in your journey.  Through 12 weeks of one-one couple training & coaching, you will learn how to pick up the pieces and start rebuilding a rock-solid couple-ship.


Expert Couple Training & Coaching

12-1 hour sessions 




He said: “My wife and I started off unable to listen to each other, as we had walls around ourselves.” 


She said: “I was just surviving in my marriage and knew that divorce was coming.” 


And then they both said: We started marriage mentoring with an amazing, Godly couple, Bonnie and Brian Ragan. Each time we met, we would come out with more understanding and practical skills for dealing with our challenges. We learned how to communicate, validate and remove the walls we had.  Bonnie & Brian have helped us save our marriage!”

   Lillian & Paul P, Edmonton, Alberta

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