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Is Your Marriage  Facing 
Challenges or a Crisis?
Family Dispute

Are You Dealing

with the

Impact of  

Betrayal Trauma?

Is Your Family Experiencing Frequent 

Misunderstanding or Conflict?

DISCover how to improve your marriage IMMEDIATELY!

You will gain tools that will help you strengthen and restore your matter what your past or current situation is! 


A thriving marriage IS possible, and we are here to help you in your journey!

DISCover how to turn your trauma into hope RESTORED!

You will gain tools to rebuild your  shattered self to becoming a vibrant, whole and unshakeable woman-no matter what!

Your life can become MORE than

it was before!

DISCover how to bring harmony into your family IMMEDIATELY!


You will gain a clearer understanding of what motivates each member of your family and how to best interact with one another!

A harmonious family IS possible!

We provide  you the tools and support you need!





He said: “My wife and I started off unable to listen to each other, as we had walls around ourselves.” 


She said: “I was just surviving in my marriage and knew that divorce was coming.” 


And then they both said: We started marriage mentoring with an amazing, Godly couple, Bonnie and Brian Ragan. Each time we met, we would come out with more understanding and practical skills for dealing with our challenges. We learned how to communicate, validate and remove the walls we had.  Bonnie & Brian have helped us save our marriage!”

   Lillian & Paul P, Edmonton, Alberta