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 Start the path to a healthier you and to building strong, thriving relationships ...

What We Offer




For people who are ready to crush their limiting beliefs, rewire their mental maps  and pursue their  purpose and create their God-given destiny.

Trauma Recovery

We have lovingly crafted individual & group sessions to teach and support you to understand your trauma.  We walk beside you, empowering you to  become a healthier, more vibrant YOU in the midst of your crisis and to step into your God-given destiny!



Couples Rebuild

For couples who have experienced devastating disconnection through betrayal, but who want to restore trust and build a loving reconnection.

6 month Rebuild Trust & Connection

9 month Rock Solid Marriage

3 month Connected Forever


DISCovery Insights

Understand yourself and your spouse's wiring. Know how to BEST interact with your spouse's style. Gain insight into how to celebrate your difference.

I'm Not Like You-You're Not Like Me!

Same Kind of Different As Me!


 Lillian & Paul P, Edmonton, Alberta

He said: “My wife and I started off unable to listen to each other, as we had walls around ourselves.” 


She said: “I was just surviving in my marriage and knew that divorce was coming.” 


And then they both said:

We started marriage mentoring with an amazing, Godly couple, Bonnie and Brian Ragan. Each time we met, we would come out with more understanding and practical skills for dealing with our challenges. We learned how to communicate, validate and remove the walls we had.  Bonnie & Brian have helped us save our marriage!”


Janelle H, Camrose, AB

The DISC assessment was a game changing tool! Prior to taking the DISC training, we had been struggling, trying to get cooperation from one son in doing his school work.  Every day was a battle.  Out of desperation, we took the course. 

It was life changing, not only for picking curriculum but helped us understand how each member of our family fits together and operates. It provided valuable insight into our other two son's learning styles, and has helped us structure their learning environments. 

Instead of having a "one size fits all" learning environment, we have three very different sets of curriculum and teaching environments and the battles have decreased substantially. We have used the information in almost every aspect of our lives.   


Carolyn S, Edmonton, AB

For 15 weeks, I had the honour of meeting with Bonnie and my Go-To-Gals.  The BTHR course allowed me to feel a sense of relief, as I gained  understanding that my partner's sexual integrity issues are his and that porn is not 'normal,' as I had been informed by a pastor.

I am continuing to learn about myself, my partner, but most of all, God.  When I said “I do!”,
pornography was was not His plan for us.


The course has and is drawing me closer to God,  to understanding myself, and my partner.
I am thankful I found this group when I did because I was sinking in the quicksand and getting in over my head.


I would encourage any women who is dealing with the sexual integrity issues of their partner to connect with this group.  This has been my launch pad into a healthier me.

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