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Betrayal Trauma~Hope Restored

Your Greatest Crisis CAN Be Your Greatest Gift

Betrayal Trauma is different than other kinds of trauma because it involves broken trust. Betrayal causes a complete breakdown of the body, mind and soul.


It creates the most intense heartache, anxiety, fear and confusion because everything someone believed in, found comfort in, felt safe in has been destroyed.


The feeling of having the floor fall out from under you creates such intense emotions, it leaves so many areas of your being shattered, in need of healing and rebuilding.


We have lovingly crafted sessions to teach and support you to understand your trauma, become a healthier, more vibrant YOU in the midst of your crisis -

and to rebuild the life you desire!



Shattered No More Bundle: 
Betrayal  Trauma~Hope Restored & Biblical Boundaries

New Session Beginning  
Wednesday, February 1
1:30 pm - 3 pm MST

We will work through 2 INTERACTIVE courses:   

Betrayal Trauma~Hope Restored & Biblical Boundaries  where we give guidance and support for women
who have experienced betrayal and who
want to move from brokenness to

wholeness and beyond and 

 learn how to implement boundaries in a healthy way!

 24 Weeks of Clarifying Education, Expert Guidance & Caring Support!

"Do you, or someone you know, need help

overcoming pornography?"


STRIVE is an experience unlike any other.

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  • Experience powerful videos and challenges delivered daily to help you break free from pornography for good.

  • Journey with Matt Fradd and brothers from around the world in the STRIVE online community.

  • Maintain strength in your recovery even after your detox with lifetime access to exclusive STRIVE content.

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We have partnered with Matt Cline, the director of Restored Ministries. He has been speaking publicly on the issue of pornography and sexual temptation since 2014, as well as coaching 1-on-1, leading small groups, and organizing conferences addressing these issues.

He is passionate about empowering people to live

in victory and freedom!

Visit Restored Ministries to take advantage of the programs they offer at  

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I was able to become healthier in my mind body and soul through learning how to set boundaries in my relationships.  I had to change in order for things to change.  I now feel empowered, like I never did before.  I needed to learn healthy mindsets when it came to setting healthy boundaries in my relationships.  God has given us complete ownership of our lives, and this Biblical Boundaries course outlines and helps us to do just that.


Shattered to Unshakable.
Wow! You could not have said it any better than that.
Hi my name is Kim. God blessed me with a dislocated shoulder last May of 2020. Who knew
that God had a plan for me? Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the
Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.”.
The plan God had for me was to be off work for 6 weeks. This allowed me to meet and work
with Bonnie through Betrayal Trauma and also Biblical Boundaries. Both of these groups helped
to start the work and healing from the betrayal of my husband. The Betrayal Trauma group
allowed me to see the hurt and distrust that my husband had chosen to allow into our
relationship and I learned that it was his issue:“Not Mine!” The knowledge of this changed
everything. I learned about my personal value, that I have the right as a wife to expect my
husband to treat me with respect.
Bonnie taught me about God’s biblical boundaries, that I have the right to set boundaries for my
husband, and he for me. Bonnie worked through with me to understand they are needed when
sextual betrayal happens. When my husband betrays me, it is necessary for me to set
boundaries with him, acknowledging he’s broken my trust. If this is you, I believe you would
benefit from her giftedness.


I went into BTHR feeling so wounded and losing hope that I wanted to keep fighting for my marriage. 


After taking BTHR, I now have less fight or flight incidents because going through the process helped me put things into the right light, and brought me freedom. 


I recognized that many of my wounds were rooted in lies I had believed long before I had even met my husband, and his infidelity had served to cement those lies. 


Now I am working on replacing the lies with truth so that I am a stronger ME. 

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