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Is your family experiencing...


Communication challenges?


Are you a parent who struggles with


Relating to one or more of your children?

DISC Parent Sessions all about YOU!

Understanding Yourself & Your Children

Healthy boundaries are like fences: when we stay in side them, we are free to explore, interact and grow into adulthood.  


As parents, we discover that there are differences in children, and most of these differences are directly related to our children's personality. 

Join us as we DISCover new, exciting, loving and effective parenting skills for better relationships.

A 3 hour live training session & 2 concise DISC assessments included.

*Need assessments for your whole family?

Click HERE  to purchase more. 

Teaching With Style

Knowing What to Say & How to Say It

This session will help you unlock your own potential and gain insights to unlocking the potential of others.  

Join with us to learn how to be more effective in teaching, instructing, have clear communication, influence others, and connect with others. 

A 3 hour live training session & 1 concise DISC assessment.

*We start with YOUR family's DISC assessment to help you gain understanding of one another

*We give you TOOLS to work through your family's challenges

*We offer ONE-on-ONE support to your family: online or in-person

Get started by contacting us to set up your family's personalized plan


 Gain insight into your family  dynamics & how to best

 work  together.

Complete your family's 
DISC assessments
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