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Restore Your Marriage


Start the path to a

             thriving marriage...

Whether your marriage is in crisis or you long for a deeper


relationship with your spouse, our marital programs and caring


support will help you gain and implement the tools you need


to  transform your marriage. 



Our approach to  coaching  is a practical, solution-based model


that begins with a consultation—either as  a couple


or an individual.  After we assess your situation and needs,      


we will create a personalized plan that will  help you  


start your process to strengthening and restoring.

Learn     Grow    Thrive


We Offer:



for your free 30-minute consultation and to start a plan for strengthening & restoring your marriage.


Betrayal Trauma~Hope Restored

Do you feel heartbroken and overwhelmed because of a betrayal in your life?

We have lovingly crafted sessions to teach and support you to understand your trauma, become a healthier, more vibrant YOU in the midst of your crisis -

and to rebuild the life you desire!


Connected Forever

An online marriage empowerment that's convenient, engaging, and effective!

Connected Forever is for couples who have experienced devastating disconnection through betrayal, but who want to restore trust and build a loving, reconnection. This engaging and challenging 12 weeks will help you target much needed areas in order to build a deeply intimate, enduring bond. 



Workshops will help you...

  • Understand yourself and your spouse's wiring 

  • Know how to BEST interact  with your spouse's style

  • Gain insight into how to celebrate your difference



Couples who take the intensives are tired of short-term solutions and want effective, lasting change.

If you are longing for a breakthrough that will change the course of your marriage, consider one of our intensive packages.

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