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Ever heard the saying, “It doesn’t rain, it pours?”

That seems to have been the start of my 2021.

We no sooner pumped through the rising water disaster we experienced in the spring of 2020, settled in to our finally completed suite and celebrated the joys of Christmas, that 2021 started with a rush of seeming disaster.

I had wanted to start 2021 focused on my vision to work with women who’ve experienced Betrayal Trauma, but instead was confronted by unexpected challenges with our rental properties—ALL of which now sit empty and with two of the suites trashed by tenants, turned druggie.

I could go into great detail, but it is sufficed to say, our plans can often go awry and sometimes we have to learn to move in the turbulence of the NOW. Flexibility and adaptability are great virtues, as long as they don’t turn into distraction and apathy☺

BE UNSHAKEABLE (my one word focus for 2021)

So here I am telling you, my faithful followers, if you are facing unprecedented challenges in your life (which undoubtedly you are with the continued Covid threat, lockdown, and scarcity), BE UNSHAKEABLE! Determine to dig in your heals and keep your eyes on your strength-giver. Don’t let the swirling waters of the world around you, pull you under. There is always truth; there is always hope; there is always a way through-if you keep your eyes fastened on the author and finisher of your life. The King of Kings is always faithful and has a plan for you!

“Forever, O Lord, your word is firmly fixed in the heavens. Your faithfulness endures to all generations; you have established the earth, and it stands fast.” Psalm 119:89-90


Now to let you know where I am heading in 2021. You may have gathered by now, Brian and I are resolute about helping marriages and families survive and thrive in the face of great external and internal challenges. One of the “New Beginnings” 2020 brought, was the increased use of readily accessible porn, and its subsequent addictive power, creating havoc in relationships, and destroying so many marriages and families. Porn has been rightly labeled the “New Drug “of the 21st century, and though it may seem benign and pleasurable to some, its distorted clutches are absolutely destroying culture.

So, I continue to hone my focus to working with the women who are left reeling in despair and confusion following betrayal discovery, somehow feeling they must be the cause of their spouses’ addiction interest, and sometimes wondering whether they need to ‘step up’ their sexual prowess to compete with the objectification of women…only to realize objectification is always left wanting and addiction cannot be satiated.

After journeyed with women through fifteen weeks of Betrayal Trauma Hope Restored (BTHR) and Biblical Boundaries (BB), I have heard my GoToGals tell me two things:

1. They love the small group aspect of my sessions, where they can identify with other women and be heard. By the end of sessions, confidence has grown, friends have been made, and they want to continue their support community and growth.

2. They are asking is there more? What’ next? Women want to continue healing, growing and becoming unshakeable in their God-given strength, dignity and feminine beauty. They WANT to rock their world!

Because of this, I have been working on creating a private membership community where women can continue to reach out, connect, learn, be encouraged, be held accountable, and grow. It will be a safe place where women can be raw and real, pertinent guests will be brought in to share from the heart, questions will be answered, testimonials will be gathered, laughter and tears will flow, new courses will be developed, liberating truths will be forged, and small group connections will continue to be valued. It will be a gathering of likeminded women, who have lived through trauma (you don’t have to limit it to porn trauma to be part of our family☺), who are passionate about preserving marriages and families, who want to grow in their God-given strength, dignity and beauty and who want to impact their culture for good.

If this resonates with you at any level, know that YOU ARE WELCOME! Embrace this invitation to be an unshakeable woman. Join other women who want to grow from brokenness to their unshakeable God-given strength, dignity and beauty!

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