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The Cure for Hopelessness

I love the word “HOPE” … it sounds so promising, it looks so bright, it feels so light!

I love how the word “HOPE” expands my brain, gets me looking with expectancy, and replaces that stuck, dead-weight feeling that hopelessness delivers.

Just as I had started writing about HOPE, my admired friend, Pastor Jack Hibbs, sent this thought in an email, “Looking back on 2022…it was kind of an odd year, wasn’t it? To me, it feels like the world experienced a significant decrease in hope in 2022.”

He went on to observe, “Today’s young people are especially are feeling hopeless. Told that there is no God, that they are an accidental by-product of evolution, and convinced that their world is on the brink of destruction from climate change, nuclear war, or the latest virus—they simply have no hope. Anxiety and depression are skyrocketing—and the only comfort people have is to drown their numbness in entertainment, distraction, or substance abuse.”

What Hibb’s said resonated with me. It’s true, especially as porn, and other addictions, become culture’s go to place to soothe our 21st century overwhelm. As the battle for the hearts and minds of our generation continues to rage, it is easy to lose HOPE. It is easy to grow weary.

But Hibbs went on to state that hopelessness doesn’t have to be our story; “… you and I (can) know a hope that is sure and steadfast—a hope called by Scripture “an anchor for the soul” because it is based in the promises of God.” That is our HOPE!

As I continue to work with women lost in the depths of despair after spousal betrayal, and Brian and I continue to work with couples to help them restore and rebuild after trust has been broken, it can often seem like an uphill battle. It can be easy to feel drawn into their dark hopelessness.

But we don’t need to give in to hopelessness when our lives are turned upside down. Instead, we embrace Romans 5:3-5 where we are encouraged to,REJOICE when we run into problems and trials … (because) this HOPE will NOT lead to disappointment. For we (can) know how dearly God loves us, because he has given us the Holy Spirit to fill our hearts with his love.

In fact, just a few minutes ago, I received a HOPE-filled, reason to REJOICE text from a former client couple, who had every reason to give up on their couple-ship. Instead, they persevered and drew closer to God and one another. Today, they have just completed a self-done kitchen reno (a reno, in itself, can destroy a marriage). Loved his analogy of their journey!

“A beautiful kitchen is like marriage: lots of demo, dreaming, creativity, hard work, missteps, misgivings, misguided ideas but eventually, a beautiful place of love and even occasionally harmony, but deeply joyful blessings when we look deeply at our trust alongside Father God.”

That is Brian and my story, too. That is our song! As Christ followers, we can be a HOPE-filled people, no matter the challenges we face. We can We can REJOICE that we get to pass on a legacy of HOPE to the next generation. We can prove, by our lives, how “true love NEVER fails (I Cor 12:8).