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Holding Hands

Connected Forever 

Have you betrayed your spouse's trust through infidelity, addiction, or destructive behaviours and created a heart-wrenching crisis in your marriage? Do you need help to slay the shame and self-sabatoging that has caused a deep disconnect  between you and your spouse?

Do you need help to  restore trust and rebuild intimacy in your relationship? 

If you want to save your marriage and know you need help NOW

we have a powerful, transforming solution at your fingertips!

You can start the path to

Strengthening, Restoring, Rebuilding 

your Marriage in 12 weeks!

Connected Forever is for couples who have experienced devastating disconnection through betrayal, but who want to restore trust and build a loving, reconnection. This engaging and challenging 12 week course will help you target much needed areas in order to build a deeply intimate, enduring bond. 

Connected Forever will help you...


  •       Recognize your own & your partner's 3 BIG Needs

  •       Respect your own and your partner's boundaries

  •       Accept your differences and embrace your strengths

  •       Move from defending and blaming to listening and validating

  •       Understand the impact of your family & life experiences

  •       Identify and eliminate destructive patterns

  •       Build rock solid trust and enjoy incredible intimacy

  •       Embrace authenticity through raw transparency

  •       Learn how to communicate  empathically, without hesitation

  •       Become one another’s indispensable help and build an enduring bond!

  •       Develop a follow up plan to ensure lasting change​

You can expect:
  • Up to 12 hours of expert online training, practice and support to help you restore trust, slay the shame and begin rebuilding your bond 

    • Private, 1-hour private pre-session

    • Private, 1-hour private post- session

    • Payment Plan available


We completed Connected Forever with Bonnie and Brian Ragan. The eight-week sessions and homework allowed us to start discussions. In one lesson, we talked about how our individual experiences growing up in two different families continued to influence us. There were positives, but it was the negative patterns, that we typically weren’t even aware of, that were finding unique ways to replicate in our relationship as a couple. And as parents. 


Talking was sometimes fun with them, often challenging, and occasionally we found it really uncomfortable. But we are still together today. We wanted to address dysfunction that had occurred and grown over two decades. We’d heard from friends, “Oh, you two are doing well,” but that didn’t challenge us to change.


Both Bonnie and Brian were interested in the two of us. They weren’t going to coddle us. We did feel protected. They believed in us and encouraged us to do our homework. They reminded us we would find it difficult. It’s been over a half year since we completed our work, and yes, we still have to push ourselves to talk about so many things. But it is better. We are hopeful. You can be too, if you want it. We personally agree with Bonnie and Brian. You are both worth the effort.  Your marriage is too. 


Try something that’s definitely gonna make you squirm. It’s so much better than silence, anger, resentment or whatever else you’ve been doing the past couple years. Believe in yourselves. Take the plunge again. Renew your initial commitment. We are glad we did!


Kim and Dalton H.

London, Ontario

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