Holding Hands

Connected Forever Empowerment

Do you need to build, strengthen and restore your relationship? Are you facing a crisis in your marriage? Do you need help moving beyond self-defeating patterns that are keeping you stuck and causing a disconnect between you and your spouse? 

You may know it’s time for a big change NOW, but between the logistics of finances, travel, and child-care, effective marital help feels out of reach?

We have the solution!

You can start the path to

Building, Strengthening and Restoring 

your Marriage in 8 weeks!

$1500 + GST per couple

Connected Forever is for couples who want a deep and lasting connection. Whether you are wanting to strengthen your bond, change destructive patterns, or repair a broken relationship, this 8-week program will help you learn how to do life very differently than you have in the past. The training focuses on helping you both become your ULTIMATEU and on building an enduring bond together!

Connected Forever includes:
  •       Expert guidance and support to help you learn & practice how to…

  •       Build an enduring and intimate bond

  •       Become one another’s indispensable help

  •       Accept your differences and embrace your strengths

  •       Move from defending and blaming to listening and validating

  •       Understand the impact of your history

  •       Identify and eliminate the destructive patterns

  •       Build, strengthen  restore trust

  •       Grow intimately as you learn how to relate authentically

  •       Develop a follow up plan to ensure lasting change​

You can expect:
  • 8 weeks of on-line group training & coaching (26 hours)

    • Private, 1-hour private pre-session

    • Private, 1-hour private post- session

    • Payment Plan available

*$500 non-refundable deposit due upon registration